The Dickey House B&B in Missouri starts another Renovation

The Dickey House is at it again. Our next renovation is under way. The last  redo  was the Carriage House and it has been a great success. Many people have rented the suite and loved the changes. So we are off and running on the next project.

 This time is reinventing the Pavilion. Originally it was going to house parties  and weddings or group functions. But due to water problems it never fulfilled its promise. So re-invent! We are now working on closing it in and creating an artist’s workshop. First of course the water problem had to be fixed. Larry and the workmen had to get creative on that, but we think we have it solved. The work is slow; just finally getting some walls.  I will keep you posted as we go along.

Why keep renovating you ask? Have to keep the place new and fresh. We are getting near the end of our days here, yes we are looking to sell and move on but have to keep the home new and  fresh for the next owners

So keep watching for the first artist weekend and get you paints ready to  travel. Check our web-site to wash for the dates for the first weekend.
The Dickey House B&B

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  1. Yes all rooms in the house have private baths. Heritage room bath is in the room. The Springtime and Fontaine room baths are off the hall just outside the rooms.

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