Enjoy a Dickey House Bed and Breakfast Murder Mystery Weekend!

Gather 4 to 7 couples, pick a weekend, and let us host your very own Murder getaway at our historic mansion in Missouri.

Your character and clues will be mailed to you approximately 10 days prior to the weekend, which will give you some time to get into character and learn your clues.  The clues are designed to be revealed during conversation with the other characters.  Your clue sheet will advise you when each clue is to be revealed.

Murder Mystery weekends at The Dickey House Bed and Breakfast begin on Friday night.  Everyone is required to be checked-in by 7:30 PM, so they may attend a get together party at 9:00 PM.  The get together is your chance to meet the other players and gather information about each of the characters.  You may attend in costume if you wish.  Actually this makes it more fun!  We ask that you check-in as yourselves and arrive in character at the party.  Please try and stay in character all weekend until the killer is identified.  Remember… do not share your character and clues with your significant other!

We will all have breakfast together in the Dining Room Saturday morning at 9:30.  Please arrive in character.  Clues will come out in conversation so pay attention.  A sheet with rhymes will be passed out during breakfast.  Once you complete the rhyme, you will have the names of eight businesses in town.  You must then locate the businesses and pick up a clue at each.  The balance of the day is yours once you have completed this task.

A formal sit-down dinner is held Saturday night promptly at 8:00 PM.  Please dress (in character) for the occasion.  There will be lots of conversation during dinner, and many clues will come to light.  You will solve the mystery if you have collected all 8 clues and paid attention during the meal.  Good luck!!

Breakfast will be served Sunday morning at 9:30 AM.  The mystery will be solved at breakfast if it was not solved Saturday night.  Breakfast is also the time to meet and learn the true identity of the other cast members.   We hope the above gives you an idea of how our Murder Mysteries work.  Feel free to call us at 1-417-468-3000 with any questions or to sign up.

Weekend Costs by Room:

  • Springtime Room – $ 333.00 per couple, plus tax
  • Fontaine Room – $ 353.00 per couple, plus tax
  • Heritage Room – $ 353.00 per couple, plus tax
  • Garden Suite  – $ 433.00 per couple, plus tax
  • Queen Anne Suite – $ 433.00 per couple, plus tax
  • Carriage House – $ 433.00 per couple, plus tax
  • Prairie Suite – $ 473.00 per couple, plus tax

Sign up early & reserve the room or suite of your choice!  Click here to view our rooms and grounds.